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Aaltonen International Moving & Storage is a Cork-based moving company in Southern Ireland and family run business that was established almost 43 years ago in 1978.

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They are very friendly,professional,and informative.They collect and deliver with great care and on time.The delivery driver [Name removed by Sirelo] was exceptional accomadating,very friendly.IWe would highly recommend Aaltenon International when moving.We do not have any negative points.All we say is Exceptional Professional Company in Cork.Well done Kim etc.
Moved from Cobh (Ireland) to Málaga (Spain)
Never do business with this mover. We paid for our move to US in full by 7/22/2021 (July 22, 2021) and have not yet received our own belongings.

Aaltonen promised shipping for Sept. 11, 2021, then for October 13,2021, then for November 15, 2021. Our things supposedly shipped on November 30, 2021 to New York.

They supposedly are still stored at a warehouse of Schumacher Logistics in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Aaltonen had placed a HOLD onto domestic delivery of our things within US. I have involved Garda and Commission for Consumer Protection in Ireland, federal agencies for transport security and attorney generals in the US.

Aaltonen has created HUGE damage to our family of three.

Their money extortion continues,

Never do business with this company.
Friendliness at the beginning
Poor communication, broken contract.
Broken promises, unreliability, money extortion.
Moved from Butlerstown, Cork (Ireland) to Tallahassee, Fl (United States)
Response of
1. Your move was paid in full by you on 22nd July 2021, but our invoice was sent to you on 11th May 2021, it took you over 2 months to pay this invoice, which we had to request payment on a number of occasions. I also note the shipping invoice was paid in various stages and not as a lumpsum. How can a business sustain this?

2. Shipping was originally set for the dates mentioned but due to the unprecedented world shortage of containers due to Covid and also the Suez canal blockage (March 2021) the shipping was delayed and your shipment left the UK on 20th November 2021 with an ETA arrival to New York 3rd December 2021. Our T&C’s clearly state delays in transit and I quote ‘ other than by reason of our negligence we will not be liable for delays in transit’ and you received these T&C’s at the quotation stage.

3. You also failed to understand or take into consideration, but yet you have already mentioned it in your previous many many emails, the world is experiencing a world crisis in the shipping industry and also we are still experiencing an unprecedented world pandemic, that everyone including businesses are finding difficult but this does not resonate with you. There are upwards of 50 plus vessels anchored outside Los Angeles port currently due to backlogs, port congestion etc, not a mind ports elsewhere in the US. This is the reason for the delays. This was sent to you by email on 22nd November 2021 @ 7.45 am. Please note the time of this email, 7.45 am, clearly well before our office opens @ 9.00 am, I replied to you, so this would stand to reason, the communication from our company has been far from poor.

4. We have been extremely patient while awaiting payment, where our company would have to pay our staff salary, diesel, revenue etc.

5. You accused our company of stealing your goods, Fraud and money extortion, these are very serious accusations, which we will be putting in the hands of our legal team.

6. You accused us of money extortion but yet our company have not asked you for an extra penny/cent. We actually didn’t charge you approx € 500 of storage fees from 17th January 2021 to 21st July 2021, all the while we were awaiting your instructions for a shipping address and other details including payment of the shipping invoice. You gave us the go ahead to ship on 16th January 2021 but didn’t pay the shipping until 22nd July 2021, during this time there were many emails back and forth.

7. You sent me an email on 1st December 2021 clearly stating ‘The delay was caused by the shippers’ we are not the shipping company but simply the origin agent.

8. You first contacted our company on 16th August 2020 and up to this date there has been 7 different locations mentioned and quoted for.

9. The shipment was shipped on 20th November 2021 and we received an email from you on 23rd November 2021 @ 17.40 pm requesting a change of address to Montana from Florida. The invoice was sent directly from the destination agent to you on 9th February 2022 for the extra delivery fee to Montana and to this date it still remains unpaid, even though you sent two cheques to the destination agent that were returned unpaid due to insufficient funds. I believe this is actually illegal in the United States of America.

10. The container arrived to New York on 8th December 2021 and would have been delivered to the Florida address before your leave date of 5th January 2022 as quoted by you on an email on 16th November 2021 @ 2.12pm.

11. This review besides the shipping delay being true and as explained earlier, is extremely untrue and damaging, but also extremely slanderous/defamatory and our legal team will be notified of the contents of this review and your previous emails accusing us of fraud, money extortion and stealing of your goods.

12. Your review states there has been poor communication, again this is extremely untrue, I have counted the emails from the very first contact by you on 16th August 2020 up to this date, there has been a total of 299 emails between, you, me, shipping agents and destination agents. If anything the communication has been excellent as all emails have been replied to in a timely manner, and in fact it was actually you who didn’t reply to many of our emails.

13. The destination agent quoted and invoiced you directly on 9th February 2022 for the extra delivery to Montana and you sent two cheques that were returned unpaid due to insufficient funds, that is illegal, this has incurred bank fees for the destination agent who have yet to be paid for the delivery to Montana. If you had no intention of paying for the extra delivery to Montana, why would you send me an email on 18th November 2021 @ 2.59 pm clearly stating and I quote ‘Maybe, my friend's Chicago address is best; or, alternatively, Great Falls, Montana at somewhat limited additional costs.’

14. The agent has emailed you about the location of your goods and have requested you to collect your goods from their warehouse in New Jersey this was sent by email directly to you by the destination agent. I also sent this by email on 23rd May 2022 @ 10.53 am and no response was received to date.

15. The hold was placed on your goods due to the outstanding fee for the extra delivery to Montana, this was quoted directly from the destination agent and we Aaltonen haven’t put a penny/cent extra on this charge, which you keep alluding that we have.

16. In all my years of working within this company and the moving industry I have never spent almost 2 years looking after the same file for one client, and all this is due to the delay in receiving payment from you for the shipping to Florida, delay in replying to emails, sometimes almost 1 month late and your continuous failure to pay for the extra delivery to Montana.
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Quite professional and excellent service and communication. I dealt with [name removed by Sirelo], and things went well despite shipping disruptions caused by the virus.
Moved from Bainbridge, Ohio (United States) to Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary (Ireland)
Response of
Thank you for your kind words, Betsy. We wish you all the best in your new home!
They were very friendly, helpful and understanding. Also they informed us of many things which was great.
Moved from Cork (Ireland) to St Johns (Antigua and Barbuda)
Response of
Thank you kindly for your 5-star review and thank you for trusting Aaltonen for your move to Antigua!

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